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Most traders could save themselves a lot of money, if they asked themselves the question enclosed and thought carefully about the answer. Try asking yourself the question below, give an honest answer and you can discover, if you are likely to win at Forex trading...

Here is the question you need to answer:

My trading edge is this (defined) and it will allow me to succeed, when 95% of traders fail.

You may well answer the above question with conviction but the following is a list of common answers, which are NOT an edge and quickly see a trader wiped out.

- I day trade or scalp it keeps risk small and increases rewards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

- I predict markets as they move to a set formula

- I work hard and will be rewarded

- I am clever so am bound to be a successful trader

- I trade breaking news and keep on top of the market action

- I have bought a Forex robot which promises big profits

- I have a complicated trading system based on mathematics

These are all common answers and none are right and anyone who believes any of them will lose.

95% of traders lose and that's a massive percentage, so how do you get into the elite 5% who make the really big profits?

The answer is you need to learn unique skills, to win at Forex. You need to understand, that forex trading success is built on the following traits:

- An acceptance of responsibility

- Total Confidence in what your doing

- The discipline to follow your trading plan to through losing periods

- The courage to accept risk and confront it cheerfully

- An ability to keep your emotions in check under pressure

Learning a method is easy getting the right mindset is the hard part of Forex trading. Forex trading success is based on learning the right skills and having the confidence, to apply them with discipline and courage.

About the Austin Children's Shelter

Austin Children's Services provides a services designed both to treat and prevent child abuse and neglect. Their residential program, Austin Children’s Shelter, provides emergency shelter for children removed from their homes; a transitional living program for youth preparing to age out of foster care; and a teen parent program to help break the cycle of abuse. These children and youth receive intensive educational, counseling, medical, and case management support to help them feel safe, heal and make a positive and lasting difference in their lives. The community-based programs include foster family placing services through Foster in Austin; therapeutic prevention programs that work with at-risk families through Strong Start; and Care Academy, a child development and family support center that offers affordable child care, parent education and coaching, and more.

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