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My best friend just turned 22 last week. Her incredible spirit requested that we perform 22 good deeds in celebration of her birthday. And so we did. One of these deeds involved walking down to the homeless shelter to bless those that were in need of basic necessities. We planned on handing out food, toiletries, and blankets. When we finally arrived we found ourselves swarmed by adult men, who were grabbing this and that, and three of those. And within five minutes we were empty handed. I wanted to feel noble and satisfied with what we just did but I looked over the flock of men to see a few women and several children that were also empty handed. Selfishness: To concern primarily about ones own interests, benefits, and welfare. We all are. I find myself complaining quite a bit. Complaining about traffic, the weather, and my lack of energy throughout the day. I sigh frequently over my tidiness, and grumble over my plans for the weekend. Complaining about things that ultimately, does not matter. Not once have I appreciated a vehicle to drive or a home to duck into. Not once do I think about those who don't have a safe and decent place to rest their heads. But that is changing today. I plan on benefitting the lives of the most innocent, children. Because everyday they endure a life that they did not ask for.

About the Austin Children's Shelter

Austin Children’s Shelter protects and heals children, young adults and families in need. ACS provides a safe home and supportive services for children, youth and young adults from birth to 22 who have experienced significant loss, trauma, abuse and/or neglect in their lives. Emergency shelter is provided for children ages birth to 18 years old, including teen parents in foster care with their infants and toddlers. Young men and women aged 17-22, who are “aging-out” of the foster care system, are served through a Transitional Living Program. This program provides youth and young adults with skills necessary to make the transition to independent living. In 2011, ACS provided more than 19,000 days of care for children and youth. For more information, please visit

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