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Many people are learning about using the law of attraction for manifesting abundance. But for most people creating wealth is part of their journey to a happier life. So, if happiness is what some people are about, can the law of attraction help? Maybe the same process used for attracting abundance can be used for attracting happiness. Or, maybe they are not related-but perhaps they're both needed for a balanced life.

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There are four groups of people, divided by their finances and their level of happiness. There are rich people who are happy and rich people who are not. There are happy people who become rich and some who are not interested in a materialistic lifestyle at all. But can the money-making mindset and the art of living happily be related?

Wealth creation has been associated with the use of the law of attraction. In addition, a lot has been written on how to enjoy a happy life. The ability to be happy with that we have at this moment seems different from the passion to make things better financially. Studies show that there is a relationship between money and happiness. But it is not like many people think that more money equals more happiness or that one can be happy with no money. There is a minimum of wealth creation needed for happiness-anything beyond that doesn't necessarily add more happiness to our lives.

Balancing the acceptance of things to be as they are and the desire to make more money can be a challenge. Most people who want to manifest abundance also want to avoid living a life of poverty. That negativity seems to motivate some to change their lives for one with more money. Some people have the personal belief that when they arrive at certain point in their financial life and accumulate a certain amount of money they will feel secure and will be able to relax and enjoy life. They do not predict the addicting impulse to want more money, no matter how much they make.

It seems that the constant desire for more of something (no matter how much we have) does not allow us to relax when we manifest abundance to the point where more money does not add more happiness. In some ways it seems to work better to learn to be happy first and then to learn how to attract abundance, rather than learning to create wealth first hoping to feel happy later.

So here is the challenge: learn to be happy now with whatever you have and then learn the art of creating wealth. The law of attraction to manifest abundance actually works better coming from a position of joy than coming from a position of lack or negativity. So it serves two purposes, it empowers our ability to manifest abundance and it nurtures our own internal happiness. Maybe this is the way that happiness and attraction are related: be happy, make money.

About the Austin Children's Shelter

Austin Children's Services provides a services designed both to treat and prevent child abuse and neglect. Their residential program, Austin Children’s Shelter, provides emergency shelter for children removed from their homes; a transitional living program for youth preparing to age out of foster care; and a teen parent program to help break the cycle of abuse. These children and youth receive intensive educational, counseling, medical, and case management support to help them feel safe, heal and make a positive and lasting difference in their lives. The community-based programs include foster family placing services through Foster in Austin; therapeutic prevention programs that work with at-risk families through Strong Start; and Care Academy, a child development and family support center that offers affordable child care, parent education and coaching, and more.

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