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“We wanted to work with [Austin Children's Services] because of 
their unique approach and their special concern for
the well-being of the children they serve.”

 Foster & Adoption Begin the Process Support FAQs

The ACS Foster and Adoption Program provides foster care, adoption services, and kinship care to families in Central Texas. With extensive training and an experienced staff ACS has developed a program that offers superior supports for foster, kinship, and adoptive families. We use a trust–based curriculum that helps to create a healing, therapeutic environment for the children we serve. The goal is to create and support placements that will last; Austin Children’s Services aims not just to house children, but to help them thrive in a caring and kind environment. ACS accomplishesthis by utilizing
  • Pre-placement & on-going training
  • 24-hour on-call support for families
  • Enhanced, reliable access to respite care
  • Access to on-site medical staff, including immunizations
  • Team support to help meet the children’s individual needs
  • Compensation for some of the fees and costs associated with becoming licensed
  • Personal email addresses to streamline paperwork

Kinship Care

Kinship care is a special opportunity for family members to provide temporary or permanent care to other members of their family. If you have found yourself in the unique position of being able to help children in your family, ACS can provide you with the tools, insight, and resources that you will need to navigate through the CPS system and provide quality care to those who need it. Becoming licensed to provide care to your family can be a fruitful journey. Not only will you become eligible for daily reimbursement, you will learn how to provide therapeutic care for children who have experienced abuse or trauma at home.

Read more on becoming a licensed foster, adoptive, or kinship care provider.


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